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Lamps made of high quality steel
Cranjos-Leuchte in Edelstahl Cranjos lamp in high quality steel
For optimization of your high quality steel environment you can achieve the Cranjos lamp in high-grade steel as well.

Lamps made of sheet metal
Lampshades out of fine sheet metal can be delivered in various surface refinements. So they are specifically adapted to the particular intended purpose.

The light direction is adjustable variable - like all Cranjos lamps.
Cranjos-Leuchte in lackiertem Metallblech Cranjos-Leuchte in lackiertem Metallblech

Lamps in metal
Cranjos-Leuchte in lackiertem Metallblech Cranjos lamp in lacquer coated sheet metal
Because of the extensive possibilities of lacquer coating the Cranjos metal lamps fit perfectly in each environment.

Available "RAL"-colours for your Cranjos lamps
The sheet metal lamp Cranjos can be delivered in so-called "RAL"-Colours. Hier you find the samples of the RAL-Colours:

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