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The alternating light - Cranjos Breite auf Monitorauflösung anpassenDrucken
For frequently alternating presenters and topics - Cranjos lighting
Your presenters alternate? - Your lamps too!

Your topics alternate? - Your lamps too!

Vary your lighting! Cranjos lamps adapt every alternation perfectly.

Even miscellanous materials like metal, high quality steel or stone. Your lamps alternate. Quite simple!

The mounting remains unaffected - The Design changes!
The assembling of the Cranjos lamp allows extremly quick alternation of the lamp surface. This is realizable through the ideal attachment via the integrated high-powered magnets on the mounting bracket.

Cleaning or surface-changing - immediately implemented.

For individual Cranjos alternation lights contact us directly by:

Phone: (+49) 5642-988552
Fax:     (+49) 5642-988553
Mail: Zum Kontaktformular

Your recommended areas for the Cranjos alternation lamps
- alternating exhibitions in the same rooms
- consistent exhibitions stands with variable lighting
- topic-referenced ligthing according to the presenters
- temporary exhibitions with individual lighting
- events and presentations with ambitious audience